May 5, 2012

iWanna iPad: Free Apps for All!

Every week- every day- dozens of highly rated, paid apps go free. I spend waaaay too much time online each day looking for the best apps that are up for grabs.  There are some great sites that scour the web to find and share the best apps of the day and the week. I visit these sites every day and end up downloading lots of apps.  These aren't all kid apps- I download lots of apps for photos, games, fun and organization.  Be aware that not all apps on these sites are free- read before you click!
Did I miss any? Where do you go to find your free apps?

iSnoops: Be sure to click on iPhone & iPad Apps gone Free

Famigo: Check out their Best Apps of the week (not all free)

Smar Apps for Kids: (Be sure to click on Free App of the Day)

Common Sense Media: Not all free, but great ratings... (Kids apps)

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  1. Thanks for these! You should also check out, they have so many great apps for kids.