April 29, 2012

iwanna iPad

I bit the bullet and bought a iPad last week.  I am a big fan of Apple, so I don't know what took me so long... oh yeah- the price tag! Now I have a $600 toy for my children. They are obsessed with it and the house is silent when they are using it. I can't stand to see them sit for long, so they are limited to 1 hour a day (is that too much?)

I plan to share some great iPad finds here, under "iWanna iPad". It is so easy as a blogger to keep all of your cook stuff in one place- so as much as this is for my audience (do I still have an audience?) it is for me. 

iWanna iPad: Wallpaper
iLikeWallpaper: You can search by category, purity (no bikini clad ladies), date or color. Here is my favorite retina display wallpaper from iLikeWallpaper:

Not strictly a wallpaper or Mac site, but Make Use of has a beautiful feature on retina wallpaper from March 29. Most of these are photographs that take you to Flickr. To use the picture, you have to select the original size and then "view image". Here is my favorite from Make Use Of:

13 Beautiful Retina Display Wallpapers from OSXDaily.  Here is the one I love:

You can search Flickr for iPad wallpaper- your search would be something like "iPad retina wallpaper (2048 x 2048)". Be sure to read the copyright info before you download or use a photo. Here is my favorite from the mentioned search:

This is the wallpaper on my iPad... it is safely protected behind an eighty dollar shatter proof case that is covered with jelly finger prints. Thank goodness I can enjoy all of that high def retina display!

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