March 5, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

This week at The Broke and Bookish, the theme for Top 10 Tuesday is "Top 10 Book Covers". 
I am sharing my top 10 favorite Judy Blume covers. 
Over the years, these covers have been remade to fit the current generation. Each reprint, I feel so much older and less hip. (Was I ever hip?) It is so cool to me that all Judy's books need are a cool new cover and a whole new generation of girls will devour them. That doesn't happen to every book. Judy has the Midas touch when it comes to books for middle grade girls! So, these are the exact book covers that I read- checked out from The Penn Elementary Library back in the day... circa 1984. 

Do you recognize these covers? Which are your favorites?
 Are You There God? It's Me Margaret was published 3 years before I was born. 
I read this paperback copy in 1984. I remember it like it was yesterday

Fifth Grade: 1983
Fourth Grade: 1982

Jr. High 1987
Fourth Grade: 1982
Fourth Grade: 1982
Freshman year: 1988 
This book was a little close to home for a chubby fifth grader: 1983
 Fourth Grade: 1982
I read this book in high school- 1989.
I fell in love with this book, and to this day it is my favorite Judy Blume book.

Ha ha! bonus from Scott Niven!


  1. The bottom Sheila is the one I had...the real version, that is!

  2. I remember some of those so clearly. I loved Judy Bloom!

  3. Yup -- that's what all of mine looked like. Well, except the Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Mine had a different cover than that. That book had to be old even when I read it in the 80's. All of the feminine product discussion was confusing to me, and my Mom finally had to tell me that that was how older products were. (I think I finally said to her something like, "Why did they need belts?" LOL)

  4. Margaret, definitely. It's the only one I read. A gift from a friend.

  5. These are great, we just posted a montage of Tiger Eyes covers on our Facebook page. Hope you have been able to catch the film on cable VOD or other digital sites.