March 3, 2012

Happy Platypus Day!

Today is National Platypus Day! I know this is a promotion invented by Disney, not a "real" holiday, but I do love Perry The Platypus, so I have no problem celebrating!

What do you know about real platypuses? I didn't know much myself, so I watched this informative video from National Geographic. Like his cartoon brother, the platypus is docile until provoked. What else does Perry have in common with his real life mammal brother? Watch and see:

To help celebrate National Platypus Day, The Disney Channel has a fun site set up with games and videos. You can participate here: Disney Channel Platypus Day .  Make sure you practice your Platypus Walk! You never know when Mr. Balke might make you do it in class next week!


  1. I love Phineas and Ferb and I love reading your blog and I added it to my Google reader so I will not miss a single post. In fact, I nominated your blog for a lovely award. If you're interested, please stop by my blog to find out about the details and collect your award.


  2. Who doesn't love Platypuses? There used to be a puppet one somewhere on a show when I was younger. Maybe Mr. Rogers?

    Disney geoblocks so I couldn't see their video (hate that!) but the National Geographic one was great. Thanks for sharing.