December 14, 2011

SMARTBoard Fun

Winter is coming and soon it will be below zero. You know what that means! INDOOR RECESS!  UGH! If you have a SMARTBoard, why  not make it available during indoor recess?  These sites are activities that will appeal to boys and girls at all grade levels and ability levels. Have FUN! (Oh- and you don't need a SMARTBoard to do these! You can use a computer & mouse!)

Lite Brite... yes, that's right. But forget those little pegs! This is a digital Lite Brite!
MyOats is an online place to create designs- you can create something simple, or create something complex. If you join, you can save and download images. It is free to experiment though! 
Drawminos: As a kid I loved lining up dominoes and letting them fall! Now kids can do it online! Digital dominoes! It is rather time consuming- you have to drag each domino out one at a time, but it is something boys would love!
EyeCandy (With a name like this, you'd think it was a Jonnny Depp website, but it's not!)  You can create beautiful images that remind me of a visualizer. This would be a great attention grabber to start class or something to have up during SSR or writing.

Thanks to KBConnected for these great sites!

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