December 15, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

I know you are all dying to know what is on the holiday wish list of this librarian's wishlist. So, here it is. These are the items I would love for Santa to bring to The Lemme Library this year!

I hand shaped chair. Yes. a hand shaped chair. In pink or yellow please. Only $79 plus shipping and handling.
This is a little pricier, but way cool! An Eero Aarnio Alpha Shell Egg Chair & Ottoman in Red. Only $710! 

A pink mannequin from Forever 21 (or a silver one or any color, really!) Think of all the fun I could have with a mannequin! I could dress her up as book characters or for each season.  I could move her all around the library! So fun! I wonder if they would donate one? 
 UPDATE: Ah!  Looky what I got!!   

This is a thing of beauty. This gumball machine is 5 feet 6 inches tall and holds 6800 1" gumballs (4 cases!) It even lights up when you put your money in! I would be the coolest librarian in the country- may be the world!

This one is so inexpensive, I don't know why I haven't bought it yet! Only $30! President Obama would be right at home in The Lemme Library! (it's really a cardboard standup!) I see myself adding my own speech bubbles...

By now you may be questioning my taste. It's ok. I like things a little kitschy! Now, the next one I saw on iCarly! So cool- the episode where Spencer burned down Carly's room and redid it with the money from his Nana's ring. It is out of Santa's price range I am sure. coming in at $950... an ice cream sandwich bench!
And what goes better with an ice cream sandwich bench than a button candy table? AHHH!!! Sugar overload! These button candies will run me 1200 smackers. But, I've been good all year!

My "Pretty Corner" is begging for this hanging playhome! The girls would love it. I guess I should wish for one in blue too! This runs about $80.

And what library is complete without a flashing neon sign? For $800 you can customize a neon sign. What happens in the library stays in the library. Love. This.

This post was such fun! Can you imagine my tacky library if Santa really did bring me all of this stuff?!?! All I really want for Christmas is for you... yes you! To read a great book. That's all! 
Merry, merry!
Mrs. Butcher


  1. Okay...I want the hand chair. I just may have to get that one for my reading chair.

  2. I love the idea of a wish list!

  3. These are the coolest things I have ever seen!! so cool! I hope santa gives you those!!!!!


  4. These are so awesome! I would totally get you all these. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a raise lately. :P (I'm still at three dollars a week! LOL!)
    Erika Z