December 19, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday

I have been searching the web for a great place to post book reviews for librarians and teachers to use in the classroom. Well, I am going to try hosting my own Book Talk Tuesday! I invite teachers and librarians to link to a recent book talk or book review that can be used by others- to help purchase new books, learn about new books and to help give us book talk ideas. 

My rules? 
1. All content must be appropriate for children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. 
2. Please link to your original content, not the content of others. 
3. Websites that you link to must be child friendly since lots of kids visit this site and if they click on your link, I want it to be appropriate for them. 
4. Positive reviews only, please... we only spread love here at The Lemme Library! 
5. Books must be available in The US. (you are welcome to link to ARC reviews)
6. I reserve the right to remove any reviews that don't meet criteria 1-5. 
In the link title field, be sure to include the title of the book you are reviewing and your site name. In the URL field, please link to this specific post that contains the book review (That way people don't have to scour your blog looking for it!) 


For newcomers & visitors: Definition of "Book Talk" from Wikipedia: "A booktalk in the broadest terms is what is spoken with the intent to convince someone to read a book. The booktalker gives the audience a glimpse of the setting, the characters, and/or the major conflict without providing the resolution or denouement. Booktalks make listeners care enough about the content of the book to want to read it. A long booktalk is usually about five to seven minutes long and a short booktalk is generally thirty seconds to two minutes long.
 This will be the last Book Talk Tuesday for 2011! I will see all of you back here in 2012!!! So. It's time to talk resolutions. My list of personal resolutions is very long. Too long. So long in fact, that I may have to tackle 1 a week for a month! Now it's time for librarian-is resolutions. What do I want to accomplish in the library in 2012? Good question...
1. Get boys to read more books. This might take some creative thinking. I want to do some fun programming to get them in the door! Girls are an easy sell in the stack, but those boys are hard to crack.
2. Plan in advance. I have great intentions at the beginning of each week, but come Monday morning, I am rushing to get lesson plans done. I either have to do them the week before or on the weekend. 
3. I will be on time to work 3 or more days a week. On time means in the building when the clock strikes 8 AM.
4. Read more books and blog about them. 
5. Plan some fun activities for kids to do in the library over the long, cold, Iowa winter. Crafts, cooking, comics, something fun. 
What about you? What are your professional resolutions? Do you keep them? How do you track your progress? How do you stay accountable? Thanks for a great 2011, fellow book talkers! See you in a few weeks!


  1. Do you ever get any dads/uncles/grandpas in as volunteers to your school? We are holding a Guys Read program where they come and get to read some great browsing type books (mostly from last bookfair) that otherwise don't get checked out. Sheer dumb luck on my part for suggesting it ... and the family specialist just RAN with it. Our boys love it and what I've overheard ... the volunteers are great about just talking to them and suggesting reasons to read.

    Now I must think. One of my resolutions will have to be that cool sign pointing the way to all sorts of book locations. It's not even started yet.

  2. The post I have shared today is about a "books under the tree" tradition my daughter started for her home and the excuse it gives me to look for great Christmas books. AFTER Christmas sales are a great time to buy some books to give for the next year. As to resolutions, I want to read for pleasure more! That is resolution 1-10 at the least!

  3. I teach 6th grade reading/language arts. I just linked up with Gary Schmidt's book-Okay For Now. This is one of the best books I have read in a long time! :)


  4. The post I shared to day is The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had by Kristin Levine. This historical fiction book for middle graders is one I happened upon by lucky accident, and I loved it.

  5. Thanks for sharing your resolutions. I'm with you on trying to be on time more often. I'm always packing kids' lunches at the last minute and trying to get them out the door before they miss the bus. If only I could get up earlier myself and get things moving! For me this year, I've decided to focus on BALANCE--thanks to a good friend who suggested that 2012 be the year of balance. Sounds good to me! I want to concentrate on doing a better job of balancing my home life and work life and writing (and blogging) life. The scales often get tipped too far in one direction or the other, and it would be nice to even them out a little more often. Hope you don't mind that my post this week was previously published for a different meme, but it has some great resources with it, so I thought it would be good to share here, too. Happy holidays!!

  6. My resolution is to get up-to-date with all my many projects before starting new ones. It may take all year!

  7. One of the things I want to do in 2012 is reorganize how I do technology enrichment with my third and fourth graders. I also have a big nonfiction project I am undertaking.

    On a personal note, I need to get back into writing!

  8. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award