December 25, 2011

A Fairy Tale Christmas

Living in Iowa City, we are lucky enough to be just up the road (interstate) from the birth place of the thirty first president of the United States: Herbert Hoover. Hoover could be blamed for failing to control The Great Depression but people easily overlook all of the good he did during and after his term as president. 
Each year, the Hoover Presidential Museum hosts a beautiful display for Christmas trees!  This year the theme was A Fairy Tale Christmas.  The librarian in me couldn't wait to get to this display and the mom in me couldn't wait to get my daughters to this display! The trees were beautiful- each one decorated as a different fairy tale: Pecos Bill, The Gingerbread Man, The Little Mermaid...  

But, I knew I was in trouble when we had to cross the troll bridge to get into the gallery. 
The troll guarding the bridge!

Leah freaked out. Grown ups forget how scary fairy tales really are! Then, once we coaxed her across the bridge, we came face to face (or face to rear) with the witch from Hansel and Gretel... her head was stuffed in an oven! Leah freaked out. 
The witch in the oven with realistic flames!

After she calmed down, we found The Little Red Riding Hood tree... topped with a very real and very evil looking Big Bad Wolf. 
What big teeth you have!!!!!!!
Leah. Freaked Out. "I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!" And she trip trapped over the troll bridge and stood by the front door. I think we lasted 12 minutes. The docents were not amused by her drama- but at least she wasn't touching the trees! 
My favorite: The Wizard of Oz
The display runs through January 2- I hope you have a chance to get your family to West Branch, Iowa! Be prepared for equal parts beauty and beast!

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