December 29, 2011

Have You Read All 7?


  1. I've read all but the last numerous times!

  2. I am on the first and love it!!

  3. I read all seven, although not as they came out. I must admit to being Pottered out when book 4 released. I could not get into it. Then, when book 5 released, I realized that I had some catching up to do. By that time, I had discovered Jim Dale's narrations and read both books 4 & 5 in a row, with my ears and never read another HP with my eyes again. While I ended up enjoying each installation, they really needed to be edited - badly.

    After I listened to book 7, I went back and listened to all seven, one after the other. I hadn't reread them up until that point. (My sons used to reread the previous books in anticipation of the release of the next.) I was surprised at how much I had forgotten and how funny they are. Jim Dale is utterly brilliant.

    Thanks for posting this poll!


  4. I thought I was probably the ONLY librarian in the world that did not read them all!!! I can do you one better, I read the first book and that is it. Have not seen the movies at all. Loved the book, just didn't get hooked that I had to know what else happened. Too many wonderful other things out there to read. Super glad it got lots of kids reading and now I can show them so many other things. Love your site BTW.

  5. When the first Harry Potter book came out, I could not get into it....AT ALL! I tried so many times and could not get more than 10 pages in. When I found the audio CDs at Costco, I bought them and listened to them on my commute to work. Jim Dale (narrator) is ah- mazing and I discovered that I secretly love him. I have a serious voice crush on the guy. He got me hooked on the Potter magic. I have since listened to them all and read them with my own kids. My daughter is 7 and we are almost done w/book 2 and she is in love with the books, specifically Hermoine. And let me say a big hooray that the princess role model stage is over and that Hermoine can be her hero any day of the week.