December 29, 2011

Confession & A Promise

It is time to get my deepest, darkest secret out in the open. Are you ready? You won't judge me? You'll still read my blog and like me? Okay... here goes.

I have only read the first Harry Potter book.
I read it the year it came out.
I have only seen the first Harry Potter movie.

Let's not talk about it. Just know that in 2012, I will reread book 1 and the other 6 books. I promise.

Have you read them all? Take my poll here!

UPDATE: After all of the amazing feedback I received from this post, I have decided that, YES I will read the series this year- but there is no rush! There are so many other amazing books to be read! So, I will keep them handy and read them when I'm not reading so many other books!

*Hype has kept me from reading them. I know, lame. But it is true. Everyone has read them and has an opinion- why should I read them?


  1. Hey, Kelly! My 5 kids are big HP fans & I didn't read them either for the longest time. I finally read them around the 5th book, and reading them all at once was great. But then when the 6th & 7th books, guess who got the 1 of the 2 copies (that I bought) last? And *I'm* the took them to B&N at midnight to buy them!

    After I read them, I really wished I had waited until they were all out because it was so cool to be able to do it that way. So relish your opportunity!

  2. what?! :-) I've read the first two, and am looking forward to reading the 3rd. Will has read up through the 5th or 6th one and I'm sure will continue. We've only seen the first movie. So guess we're somewhere in the middle- not obsessed fans, by any means, but have been enjoying them recently!

    And here's my confession to you: I got a Kindle for Christmas. I'm guessing that librarians are not all that fond of e-readers. So far I have not missed the feel and smell of a real library book, like I thought I would. Gasp! So what DO librarians think of e-readers? Be gentle....don't hurt me!

  3. @Jill
    Jill- do you think I will lose street cred with the kids? : )
    I actually have a Nook that I read books on. I love being able to download them at the Iowa City Public Library (you should do that!) I also like being able to read in the dark without a light- and being able to google things that need clarification instantly! (I also play angry birds!) The ICCSD librarians approve of them of course- but it's not clear how we will ever be able to afford to loan them out to our patrons. Will is going to want want now!

  4. LOl on the street experience has been they respect that you tell them you haven't. I am remiss in reading The Warriors series, a huge (huge) hit with my book club kiddos.

  5. Awesome confession. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this (and that I can come out of hiding it in the closet). So glad you'll be joining us in reading them next year!

  6. I give you permission to just walk away from HP. You can't read everything, so make sure you read what YOU want to read. What you WANT to read.

  7. @Mary Lee
    Wow. That is the best thing I have ever read. A little tiny part of me really does want to read the series- but there are so many new books. I have about 18 sitting in a pile just taunting me. I do have 365 days to read them- no rush. Thanks Mary Lee!

  8. I'm a librarian and haven't read any of te HP books. I'm not ashamed or have a bit of guilt! When my students ask me if I read them, I simply say, "nope, not my genre." (They understand.) I haven't even seen the movies.

    I tried reading Percy Jackson, but couldn't get into them either. I was able to listen to the audio book in my commute to work. I tried the second book in the series and just couldn't finish the audio book. I tell my students, "at least I tried".

    I keep begging g my husband for an e-reader but I'm told it's not in the budget. Funny...that's the same thing my principal said.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the recommendation of Insurgent - I am going to check it out. I LOVE the Harry Potter series and highly recommend them. I thought I didn't like fantasy before reading the series but found another genre I like through reading Harry Potter.