October 4, 2011

Draw a Stickman

I do love, love, LOVE the site drawastickman.com.  I have used this site with every single class; kindergarten through 6 and they all sit there transfixed on the screen. Kids that are shy or hesitant to speak come alive while using this site. You are prompted to draw a stickman (or woman or Spongebob like John did). Then, your drawing comes to life and you interact with the story by drawing items that your stickman needs. I've done this 12 times and have gotten 12 unique and fabulous stories! Try it! You'll like it! You'll LOVE it!
(We did this on the Smartboard and the kids drew with their fingers. You use a mouse on a desktop computer)


  1. Kelly, I love the site too, but couldn't see a curriculum tie-in. Is it hand-eye coordination, or just something fun? Now that you say you're doing it, though, we'll definitely do it next week. :)

  2. I guess I used it to show of the smartboard... and to talk about stories having a beginning, middle and end. And just for fun! : )