May 19, 2011

FuseNews Luvs Book Talk Tuesday!

I have been very lucky to have The Lemme Library mentioned in one of my favorite bloggers.  Betsy Bird at FuseNews has a great point of view and sense of humor. She posts the most interesting links and keeps be up to date on the latest trends and issues.  Book Talk Tuesday is mentioned in her post today- and I can't thank her enough for the shout out. The whole reason we do BTT is to spread the word about amazing books for kids PK-8.  If you are a new visitor, please come back next Monday at 7 PM central to post your review- or come back and visit all of the amazing blogs that post each week!

From FuseNes:
"We have Nonfiction Mondays, Poetry Fridays, and my own Video Sundays.  So why not Book Talk Tuesdays?   That’s the idea behind The Lemme Library’s newest feature, and it’s a bloody good idea.  A well-written book talk is (to a children’s or YA librarian) worth its weight in gold.  Check out the newest links gathered this week and get some ideas for book talks of your own."

1 comment:

  1. Right on, Kelly! I agree,'s a bloody good idea. Literally grinning from ear to ear for you!