May 19, 2011

Archives are Hip

I have decided to start archiving all Book Talk Tuesday posts. You never know when Blogger might self-implode or something! Also, I am all about quick access- I get irritated when I have to dig through a blog! So, I have created a blog dedicated to previous Book Talk Tuesday posts.  You can access them by date- all on one page. Keep this handy and you will have hundreds of book talks to share!  Share it with colleagues and they can learn about great books too! 

We will still post on this blog- The Lemme Library- each week.  Only once the week is over will the post be moved to the archive page:

If you have any ideas, questsion or concerns, please email me. I would eventually like to add a blogroll of all the regular blogs that post each week.


  1. This is a great idea. Thanks so much for doing this!

  2. Will there be a way to search by title? If there is a widget that allows searching, I think that would be super helpful. Just an idea! ; )

  3. @Mari
    I've tried to find one I like, but I think command F on a Mac and control F on the PC are the best options to find by title or blogger.

  4. Hey! I am not a regular poster yet, but will be--in the meantime thanks for archiving the posts for us to being able to check other book talks! You ROCK, lol!

  5. Fantastic! I'll be back next Tuesday!! Sorry to have missed last week. Thanks, Kelly!