April 27, 2011

Things With Wings

Of all the emails I get regarding this blog, the most asked question is: 
"Did you design the header of your blog?"
Oh, I wish I were talented enough to create this work of art!  The banner of this blog is actually a photo I took of the sign that hangs in The Lemme Library. 
The day of delivery,,, August 2010

The sign was custom made by Things With Wings.  Jill Brown is one of the amazing artists and just happens to be the mother of 2 Lemme Leopards! (Sam & Will!)  Stop by their website or Facebook Page and look around!
The girls from Things With Wings!  Jill is in the blue shirt!

Since our sign was placed in the library, 2 other ICCSD libraries have ordered signs for their spaces:


  1. thanks for sharing us with everybody! it's been alot of fun to make these - especially for the places we love!