March 8, 2011

Top Ten for Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This week at The Broke & The Bookish, the Top 10 is:
Top Ten Dynamic Duos
These are the BFFs, partners in crime, powerful couples, and general groups of awesome people that I just can't get out of my head!
And, Amanda over at Oh Amanda! Lists her 10 favorite books to read with an accent!  
Ohhhh... I will do that next week!   

Charlotte & Wilbur in Charlotte's Web (F WHI)
This one is pretty obvious, right?  Where would Wilbur be without Charlotte there to comfort him and build his self esteem?  She is the kind of friend that is there for you when you need her most, and she is not afraid to tell you how it really is.  The hardest part about their friendship is how it ends...

Jess & Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia (F PAT)
May be my most tragic duo.  Jess struggles to find a place where he fits in until Leslie moves in.  They complement each other so well, that you can't imagine them ever NOT being friends.  I haven't seen the movie, but I have heard that it is mostly about their make believe kingdom- but that is not what the book is about.  The book is about a deep friendship that ends tragically, with me in tears, sobbing uncontrollably. 

Harry & Ron & Hermione from Harry Potter (F ROW)
I know 3 isn't a duo, but these 3 go together!  Whether it is Harry & Ron getting into trouble or Harry & Hermione solving a mystery, they are better together.  The way Hermione teases Ron through the first few books, you never would imagine that they... oh, spoiler!  Never mind!  Read the books!

Katniss & Peeta from The Hunger Games (F COL)
I can't believe I am putting Peeta on this list, because my heart aches to put Gale with Katniss- they are meant to be.  But, the government put Peeta and Katniss together and their survival depends on their friendship.  At the beginning of The Hunger Games, the friendship was rather one sided, but I do believe that by the end of the trilogy Katniss truly loved Peeta.

Dwight & Yoda from The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (F ANG)
Who is in control in this relationship?  Dwight, who wears the Yoda finger puppet, or Yoda who answers the most difficult questions?  This is clearly a dysfunctional relationship, because Yoda doesn't give Dwight very good advice.  Yoda is there for everyone else, but when it comes to his BFF, Dwight, he seems to let him down.  Or, does Dwight choose not to take Yoda's advice?  Either way, they couldn't make it without each other. 

Trixie & Knuffle Bunny from Knuffle Bunny (E WIL)
This is definitely my cutest duo.  Trixie grew up with Knuffle Bunny!  He has been there her entire life, given her security and comfort.  Even though Trixie manages to lose Knuffle Bunny numerous times, they manage to find one another in the end
Okay, who did I miss?  What characters would you add to the list?  I know I need 10 and only have 6, so give me your ideas!  I will add to my list as the day goes on!


  1. Definitely some great choices. I can't think of Jess and Leslie without tearing up!

  2. Aw Charlotte and Wilbur is a fantastic choice.

    My list is HERE

  3. The Harry Potter gang are popular today!

    I didn't think of my angle as being altogether unique: they seemed a natural hero-villain pair. I tried to think of similar pairs, but wound up going with best friends/partners, mostly..

  4. Trixie and Knufflebunny for the win!

  5. Dwight and Yoda is a great choice! I haven't read a Bridge to Terabithia in ages. So sad!

  6. Dwight and Yoda! That's such a good choice! I focused on children's books as well. Nice list.

  7. Love Charlotte & Wilber! Frodo and Sam?

  8. Charlotte and Wilbur. Classic. I was just talking with my mom about that book the other day, but it never occurred to me to list them in today's list. Next time!

    I've never heard of Dwight and Yoda, but it reminds me of a character from a great musical: "The 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee." One of the characters has a "talking" finger puppet who helps him spell. :) Nice list!