March 7, 2011

Sody..Sody...Sody Sallyratus!

One of my ALL time favorites to read with kindergarten is Sody Sallyratus by Teri Sloat (398.2 SLO).  Sody Sallyratus is an Appalachian Folktale about a family and their pet squirrel who want to have bakin' soda biscuits.  Well, they are all outa sody, so the old lady sends each family member into town to fetch some.  Each of them meets their fate when they are eaten by a big black bear who is hiding in the berry patch.  Even the bossy old lady gets eaten!  The squirrel is the hero and tricks the bear, saves the family and is rewarded with lots of extra biscuits.  In the olden days, baking soda was called sody sallyratus.

We talked about how we use soda in baking to make our food fluffy and airy- like cookies and cake.  To show how soda adds an airy texture to out food, we did this experiment together:
Each kindergarten student will be bringing home instructions tonight so you can try this experiment at home.  Thanks to Science Explorer for the great handout!

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