October 12, 2010

WWW (World Wide Wednesday)

Sticking with my Boy Book theme... this week I bring you some great web sites to help you find the perfect book!  These sites are great for kids and parents.  If you find something you like, see if we have it in the Lemme Library!

Can't Miss Books for Boys: This site is part of James Patterson's site "Read Kiddo Read".  He believes that boys are mortified by reading "girl books" and gives his list of best books for boys.  Looking at his site, I may have to reevaluate my top 10!

Guys Read: This website is awesome!  It is written by some of the best author/illustrator around, Jon Scieszka.  His mission is to bring boys great books and turn them into motivated, life-long readers.

Kids Read: This is a nice site for reading reviews of new books.  I often turn to this site to see if a book would be a good fit in our library.  Don't miss their section called "Great Books for Boys".

Guys Lit Wire: This site is dripping with teenage masculinity!  It is very eye catching and provides reviews and photos of great new books.  This site is geared toward boys 6th grade and up.

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