October 13, 2010

Thursday Thirteen (13)

I have 110 books on my "To Read" list, so today, I give you the 13 at the top of the list.  All of these books are new to the Lemme Library this year.  Hopefully I can read all 13 before Winter Vacation.  You should read them and let me know what you think!  I will even post YOUR review!  Leave your review in the comment section!

The Red Umbrella by Christina Gonzalez F GON 
In 1961 after Castro has come to power in Cuba, fourteen-year-old Lucia and her seven-year-old brother are sent to the United States when her parents, who are not in favor of the new regime, fear that the children will be taken away from them as others have been.

The Red Blazer Girls: The Ring of Rocamadour by Michael Beil F BEI
Catholic-schooled seventh-graders Sophie, Margaret, Rebecca, and Leigh Ann help an elderly neighbor solve a puzzle her father left for her estranged daughter twenty years ago. 

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine  F ERS
Ten-year-old Caitlin, who has Asperger's Syndrome, struggles to understand emotions, show empathy, and make friends at school, while at home she seeks closure by working on a project with her father. 
It Only Looks Easy by Pamela Curtis Swallow F SWA
 On the first day of seventh grade when Kat "borrows" a bicycle to go see her dog who was hit the day before by a woman with Alzheimer's disease, she learns about the serious consequences of impetuous actions and manages to make some new friends in the process.

 The 100 Year Old Secret by Tracy Barrett F BAR
Xena and Xander Holmes, an American brother and sister living in London for a year, discover that Sherlock Holmes was their great-great-great grandfather when they are inducted into the Society for the Preservation of Famous Detectives and given his unsolved casebook, from which they attempt to solve the case of a famous missing painting. 
The Boy Who Climbed Into the Moon by David Almond ALM
Helped by a very long ladder, some unusual acquaintances, two rather worried parents, and a great deal of community spirit, a young English boy makes an astonishing discovery when he embarks on a mission to prove that the moon is nothing but a big hole in the sky.  
The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartoletti F BAR
In October, 1942, seventeen-year-old Helmuth Hübener, imprisoned for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets, recalls his past life and how he came to dedicate himself to bring the truth about Hitler and the war to the German people. 
Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass F MAS
Ally, Bree, and Jack meet at Moon Shadow, an isolated campground, to watch a total eclipse of the sun; but soon they begin to learn a great deal about themselves, each other, and the universe. 
The True Meaning of Smekaday by Adam Rex F REX 
Twelve-year-old Gratuity "Tip" Tucci is left to fend for herself after Earth is colonized by aliens and her mother is abducted, and must try to stop another alien invasion with only the help of a cat named Pig and an alien named J. Lo.
Keeper by Kathi Appelt F APP
Ten-year-old Keeper heads to a sandbar in a small boat along with her dog BD and a seagull named Captain in order to find her mother, a mermaid who left her when Keeper was only three. 
Shooting Kabul by N.H. Senzai F SEN
Escaping from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in the summer of 2001, eleven-year-old Fadi and his family immigrate to the San Francisco Bay Area, where Fadi schemes to return to the Pakistani refugee camp where his little sister was accidentally left behind. 
  Countdown by Deborah Wiles F WIL 
As eleven-year-old Franny Chapman deals with drama at home and with her best friend in 1962, she tries to understand the larger problems in the world after President Kennedy announces that Russia is sending nuclear missiles to Cuba. Features historic quotations and photographs.
Reckless by Cornelia Funke F FUN
Jacob and Will Reckless have looked out for each other ever since their father disappeared, but when Jacob discovers a magical mirror that transports him to a warring world populated by witches, giants, and ogres, he keeps it to himself until Will follows him one day, with dire consequences.
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  1. They look fantastic. There is so much good teen/YA literature out there.

  2. You have some good ones. Enjoy!

    The Food Temptress

  3. I'll have to run this list past my daughter. She inhales books. A few of these have pretty intense premises. Thanks for sharing. Happy T13!

  4. Great list. Reckless especially looks intriguing. If you haven't read it yet make sure The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman is on your TBR pile.

    Happy TT,


  5. Great list. I've added a few to my maybe-read list. Always looking for good reads.

  6. I did the same thing for my TT! Only I didn't count all of mine to see how many there are. I don't think I have over 100. I do think I have over 50, though. Happy reading!

  7. Wonderful list. Some great choices.

    Have a great Thursday!

  8. You've got some dramatic stuff here.

  9. These all look like great reads. There is some very good young adult literature out there. I'm particularly intrigued by the last one

  10. I'm copying down a few of these to look for at a later date - when I have some funds freed up for a book splurge! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy TT!