October 19, 2010

Read a Picture Books, You Must.

According to this article in the New York Times, picture book sales have plummeted in the US.  The article says that parents are no longer buying picture books for their children because they don't help them become better readers.  One bookseller said that parents come in and buy books like Stuart Little for their 4 year old because picture books "Won't help them get into Harvard". Umm.... have they not read my blog post about picture books for older students?  

In my experience as a librarian, I see that once kids hit 3rd grade, they think they are too old for picture books... and parents don't want kids to read picture books once they learn to read.  Have you read a picture book lately?  Do you know what you are missing?  Browse my blog for suggestions, head to the basement in Prairie Lights or visit ALA's  Caldecott Page... you are sure to find at least 1000 picture books that you love.  LOVE. 

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