September 29, 2010

I love word art!

So I took the lyrics from "Baby" by Justin Beiber and pasted them into these cool sites to show you what they can do.  You can do this with your own songs, poetry, list of names... you can paste in words from a speech or an entire website.  These would be great printed and framed as art, put on a tshirt, or used as a cover of a story.  Thank you Justin Beiber for inspiring this librarian. This is the original site... the mother of all word art sites. 

ABCYa! Word Cloud: Wordle for Kids!  Very safe, very easy! 

Word it out: Like Wordle, but it takes some time to make your art look cool... so many options!  So if you have time and mad skills, give it a try!

And here is a Wordle design for the more serious crowd : ) 

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