June 28, 2013

Tumblarian Time!

Tumblarian: noun. A librarian who uses Tumblr to promote his or her library program.

I have been a loyal blogger for over 2 years now, and I will continue to be a loyal blogger... but, I worry that the only people who read my blog are other librarians and bloggers. Now that I am moving into a young adult library setting,  I need to put myself where the teens are! I am trying my hand at Tumblr- a place for teens to visit and learn about books, reading, libraries, current evens and pop culture. Like my daughter said, "Mom, you need to try and be cool." You can visit my Tumblr here! For a great list of Tumblarians, visit this list at Shhh! No Running in the Library.
Kathy Kaldenberg, Solon Teacher-Librarian, shared a fabulous article about librarians and Tumblr.  If you are a librarian who wants to reach your audience0 read it! Then head over to Tumblr and get started!
Here are some other Teen Library Tumblrs that I have been enjoying. If you have any great teen Tumblrs (public or school library) that I have missed- PLEASE share with me in the comment section! If you have a Tumblr, please share the link!

Davenport Public Library
Glendale Public Library Teens (This is the first Teen Library Tumblt I ever read!) 
GRPL Teens
Mercer Area Library Teens
Milton Library Teens
Pickering Public Library Teens
Shhh! No Running in the Library
Tiverton Library Teen Room
White Oak Teen Stuff at the Library
YA Books Central
Wells Library Teens

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