June 19, 2013

I Love Books Too, Mr. King

I discovered the work of Stephen King in high school. When I read Pet Semetary, I was so scared that I kept throwing the book across the room. I would wait a few minutes and let my heart rate return to normal and then go fetch the book and continue reading... only to throw the book across the room in a few pages.

 I hadn't seen any of the movies yet- we didn't have a way to see movies unless they were on HBO or you rented them at "That's Rent-ertainment". After Pet Semetary, I ate his books like candy- Christine, Carrie, The Shining, all of his short stories... I owe a lot of my love for the written word to this man. As an adult, I continued to read his books- Rose Matter, Dolores Claiborne, The Green Mile... now I have so many books on my to read list., and so many books that I need to read that I haven't picked up a King book in years.
I think the time has come to do that- and I plan on reading  Doctor Sleep (the sequel to The Shining) as soon as it is my turn on the reserve list at the library.
Mr. King doesn't give a lot of interviews, but you can read a rare one in The Parade.
What are your favorite Stephen King books? Have you read Dr. Sleep yet?
To see the other works by Mr.. King, check out his bibliography here!

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