March 1, 2012

This Just Pinned

What is better than spending hours on Pinterest looking for amazing things to make, bake or laugh at? Looking at what other bloggers have spent hours looking for!! I have a mild obsession with Pinterest.  I have a feeling that a lot of you share my obsession. So instead of having a 12 step program to solve our Pinterest Addiction, let's get together and share our addiction! I hope that you will flock here and share your weekly Pinterest finds.
Thank you to Eighteen25 for this idea and graphic!
My rules?
1. Continue to spend hours on Pinterest each week.
2. Create a post each Friday that highlights your favorites of the week.
3. Come to this blog each Friday morning and share the link to your post. Link to the actual post, not your whole blog or Pinterest page.
4. Lots of kids visit this site, so rated R pins are discouraged, but I am not one to censor.
5. Visit the blogs that have linked up. Leave a comment. Make a new friend.
6. Don't link to your Pinterest board.
7. You are welcome, but not required to use this image in your Pinterest post.
1.The Book Butcher2.Ms. O


  1. Great idea! I'm new to Pinterest - I haven't quite figured out the value of it, but I'm giving it a try!