February 2, 2012

Always The Tribute... Never The Victor

The fire is spreading! A little over a month and The Hunger Games move will be in theaters! I am so excited, and so are my students (even the ones who haven't read the trilogy!) Today during library, we played some very challenging Tribute Games to see if we have what it takes to survive in the arena. Sadly, I have played these several times and have failed to survive. I am a chicken. I would never make it in the arena. I would dig a  hole and hide. They would still find me. How about you? Could you go head to head in the arena? Are you CUNNING, SMART, FAST and COURAGEOUS? Take the test and see! Let me know if you succeed! (But don't spoil the game by giving too much away!)

Trial By Fire Screen Shots. 

Tribute Trial Screen Shots

 My usual end screen:

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  1. these are pretty hard! i did the question one and that was pretty hard but the trial by fire one is pretty hard!