January 12, 2012

Reading Nook

I have really ignored my Nook for the last few months. I just have a thing for "real books". But, as I started browsing the App store at Barnes & Noble, I realized that I need to start using it. I downloaded (purchased) lots of fun & educational Apps for my daughters. Leah is completely obsessed with the Nook and it concerns me. She plays games, reads books, watches online stories... I have to set the timer so she doesn't spend too much time on it. She is using it as we speak.

Did you know that you can download e-books at the Iowa City Public Library if you have a Coralville or Iowa City Library card? You need to download Overdrive to your computer, but it is very easy. The library has tons of great titles! Check them out!
I have yet to see very many sites reviewing the Apps that are being used... is there not an audience for that?  May be that is something I can work on. (I do love Words with Friends!!) I am TheBookButcher if you are ready for a game!
If you want to add some personality to your Nook, you can download backgrounds and screensavers here. Very easy to search and download. (With your parents permission, kids!)

Let me know what Apps you are using on your Nook!

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  1. I have been able to download books to my nook, but not audiobooks. Have you figured out a way?