January 5, 2012

#Nerdcott Ho!

I have given in to the pressure. I am "sort of" participating in #Nerdcott! I will be reading the Caldecott winners with my kindergarten students over the next month. Today, we tried to figure out exactly why a book might get this medal.  I handed out a bunch of medals and just let the kids discuss them.
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What do you notice? (I got things like "I see a guy on a horse." "There are birds.") What do you think this is? (I got things like "It looks like a badge." "It might be a medal.") After I asked them if they had ever seen this medal on a book- the flood gates opened! We decided that picture books get this medal if they have really good pictures. Gold is for 1st place and silver is for 2nd place.  They quickly realized that a winner from 1967 looks a lot different than a winner from 2004!
Today we read Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes and Swimmy Leo Lionni. I asked them their opinions on each book after we read them. Most kids thought that Swimmy should have a gold medal and that they would prefer that Kitten's First Full Moon be in color. But overall, a very good reception!
Lainey & Hannah comparing awards.

I'd love to hear how you are implementing #Nerdcott in your classroom/library! I am always looking for new ideas!


  1. Cool Idea! I am not a teacher or librarian, just a parent that loves kids books. Would love to try this out at home with my kids. I have a hard time getting them to tell me why they like a certain book, this might help with that. Where can I find the stickers?

  2. I'm so stealing this idea--only I don't have any of those cool little medals (maybe I should order some!)

  3. OH!!! That is soooooooooooo cute!!


  4. where can you get the stickers? I saw them somewhere but you can only order 5000 at a time...my library is not that big! lol! (I totally wish!) ;-)

  5. Wow! I like how they went from being clueless to being into some jr. literary analysis (or maybe jr. art criticism)!