January 23, 2012

Greetings from Norvelt!

What dumb luck... or librarian intuition! I checked out a certain book called "Dead End in Norvelt" on Friday. Hmm... I think it's time I started reading it!


  1. I ALMOST checked this out on Friday from my local library--but didn't. I will though. My son read it awhile back, funny thing is, I checked it out FOR him thinking it might be his sort of read.

  2. Curious. Make sure to post about it. Barely heard of it before this morning. I had Moon Over Manifest out this time of year last year. Had to return it because of course the hold list appeared out of nowhere and still have yet to finish it. ;]

  3. lol...no way! you are good. psychic librarian!

    1. Tell me what you think. I was very disappointed this AM. I didn't love this book--and it is a book I should have loved.

      I just bought Blackout Friday...hmmm our stars are aligned.

  4. That is good luck! I haven't read this yet, but like many other people, I now have it on my list. Let us know what you think.

  5. What did you think, Kelly? I'm halfway through and wondering. . .