January 30, 2012

All U Need Iz Luv...

And a Good Book!

I printed the words, matted them on construction paper and then taped them to clear plastic cups. The font for my caption is "Cupid de Locke" and I found it here, at Dafont.com


  1. I like your display. It is giving me an idea.

  2. I just did a similar display today - die-cut hearts stuck in books as bookmarks (with stems so the heart sticks out) of some Valentine's Day and love-themed books. I don't have much display space, so they ended up on the tops of our short shelves, like yours. I LOVE the idea of titling the display using cups, since I don't have a bulletin board. Will modify tomorrow, thanks! :)

    1. I love you idea for the heart bookmarks Natalie if I have time I will make some for our members.

  3. Love your display :) Well done !

    I was looking at doing something similar for Library Lovers' Day in our library but couldn't find the right font. Thanks to you I now have it - many thanks.

  4. Love it - well done !

    I made small red hearts and have taped them to the spine of the books that our librarians recommend as a favourite.

    I was going to do something similar in my library for Library Lovers' Day but didn't have the right font. Thanks to you, I now have - many thanks for sharing:)