December 26, 2011

Top 10 Comments of 2011

A blogger loves comments... and I think I might love comments more than most bloggers. I do a little happy dance in my mind every time I get an email telling me someone has left a comment on my blog. My happy dance looks a little like this:

I do get plenty of spam comments because I don't make visitor enter word verification, but the payoff is high. Everyone can comment- they don't have to have any type of account. My students can comment- and I LOVE that!  To show my appreciation for all of the fabulous comments I have gotten this year, I give you The Top 10 Comments of 2011!  (in chronological order, newest first!)

#10 comes from Julia, a Lemme student who happens to think my blog is amazing! (Hi Julia!!) After she read "It's Only Rock & Roll But I Like It", she wrote:
That's soo funny Mrs. Butcher!! I know you love to be a rockstar! -julia on It's Only Rock & Roll... But I Like It!

#9 My BFF Kirby Larson (I know!!!) visits the blog once in awhile and leaves comments for me! After reading my 2012 Newbery picks, Ms. Larson wrote:
From your mouth to God's ear! Thanks for your support, Madame Butcher. Kirby Larson on Madame Butcher Predicts the Future

#8 Karen from Kidsmomo shares my excitement for The Hunger Games movie trailer! I can feel the passion in her voice through the computer screen in her comment: 
No booktalk link this week, but of course I had to comment about the HG movie trailer! It looks AMAZING! But I totally agree with you about the lack of Haymitch. Out of all the actors, I'm most curious to see how Woody Harrelson does. There better be some real clips of him before March! Karen from Kidsmomo on Book Talk Tuesday (Hunger Games Trailer Edition)
And Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts is just as excited!!
AAAAHHHH!!!!! That was the first time I watched it! Wow. It's going to be so good. I already have major goosebumps and could cry just watching the trailer. I can't believe I forgot to turn on Good Morning America this morning before I left. I was going to purposefully stay home until 7:00 to watch and then I forgot! Thanks for posting this. I'll add our link tomorrow when our Tuesday post goes live. :) Jen Vincent on Book Talk Tuesday (Hunger Games Trailer Edition)
#7 My rock star status is raging out of control, as comment #7 proves. (Thank you, Kerry!)
I know nothing about playing guitar, but I have heard about your rock star status. Glad you are keeping up your image :) Good luck with your playing! Kerry on Rock Star Status Update 
#6 Sometimes the best comments are just simple words of kindness... this comes from Anna at a to z Library.
I just wanted you to know that I really love Book Talk Tuesday. Thanks for your work. Anna on Book Talk Tuesday (Very Late!)
#5 Deb Marshall is a very loyal visitor and very kind in leaving comments. This one made my day... my week!
I love how leah reads, I love how leah reads, I love how leah reads! Tell her thank you from me, please. It was like being in a storytime! Deb on Book Talk Tuesday
And Myra of Gathering Books was sweet too!
This video clip has made me smile (and is bound to make me smile the entire day). I have a feeling the words "I love my red shoes, I love my brown shoes" would be ringing in my ear all day. Soooo lovely! I have a nine year old and I would frequently video-record her reading aloud as well. She's into Goosebumps lately - and a bit of Jerry Spinelli on the side. :) Myra on Book Talk Tuesday
#4 I think I may have to pass my Rock Star status on to a true rock star- Mr. Colby Sharp. I don't know where he came from or when he showed up, exactly, but he has taken the blogging world, kid lit world and Twitter world by storm. He is a dad, a teacher, and advocate for children and children's literacy... oh and nerds!  I know he is uber-busy these days, so I am thrilled when he stops by and says hey! 
Laurel Snyder is quickly becoming my favorite author. She symbolizes everything that is right about kid lit. Colby on Books Were My Salvation
Best book you ever read, maybe the coolest review I have ever read. Great review for a great book. I have noticed a bunch of people bashing the ending of this book. Not sure what they are talking about. I loved this book cover to cover. Have you read Wednesday Wars-the companion to Okay for Now? Colby on Book Talk: Okay for Now
#3 My 1 Year Blogiversary brought many kind comments... including this one from Sarah at  Try Curiosity:
Congrats, Kelly. Love your blog and the great service you provide in keeping us all connected and focused on BOOKS. My blog started as a way to keep track of all of my library classes. Coming from a middle school teaching background, I wasn't used to having SO MANY different classes to prepare for. Blogging helped me keep it straight, forced me to reflect, and communicated to parents. Three years later, I'm still chugging along! Have a great week everyone, Sarah on Book Talk Tuesday
#2 I just love Read Aloud Dad. Really. Truly. Love him.
A child can never be blamed for telling the truth, can she? ReadAloudDad on Shameless Self Promotion
#1 Ah, Bigfoot! You never fail to crack my stuff up! 
You’re all so busy. I feel kind of guilty that today all I plan to do is take a hike, read, and eat donuts. Bigfoot on Book Talk Tuesday
Thank you to everyone who has commented over the last year- and thank you to those of you who thought "I should leave a comment", but didn't! At least it crossed your mind! just remember, comments make me feel like this:
And when the librarian is happy, everyone is happy!

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  1. Cute ‘ when the librarian is happy, everone's happy!!!'. Mrs. Butcher you are the best blogger ever!! ( and librarian of course!!) and thank you for putting me in this post!!

    -Julia! :)