December 6, 2011

Madame Butcher Predicts the Future

Ahhh.... so you come here looking for answers. You want to know which book will become the 90th book to win The Newbery. Well, come in. Sit for a spell and Madame Butcher will give you her predictions. 
Madame Butcher has read many fabulous books this year, so it is difficult to select just one. Would you be satisfied if Madame Butcher gave you the names of 6 books that she favors?
I thought so.
Ah... it is coming to her... she, she... she sees a young girl fleeing Vietnam with her family in an overcrowded ship. Yes, yes. It is clear to her now. Inside Out and Back Again may be the winner of The Newbery award very soon. 

Wait! Another vision! It's a girl in the streets of Afghanistan. She is teased, ridiculed... An American soldier approaches. Ah! Words in the Dust is also a book that Madame Butcher predicts as the 2012 Newbery winner.

Birds... birds! So many birds. Not just any birds! The most beautiful birds painted by John James Audobon. My friend, these birds speak to Madame Butcher and tell her that Okay for Now is a possibility. Yes... trust the birds.

What is this? A baby adrift at sea? A baby with no eyes? Could it be? Yes... yes! Peter Nimble! Of course! That brave young boy is the one! Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes may soon steal himself a Newbery Medal! 

Who is this Spock I see peering back at me in my magical crystal ball?  Such odd ears!  He speaks... shh! Yes- he speaks to Madame Butcher! He says "Live long and prosper... and Marley Sandelski is the boy you have been waiting for." The vision is gone now... but, Warp Speed is the book that may take the Newbery.

Madame Butcher grows tired, friends. She doesn't know if she can go on. She needs... rest... Of course shI promised you 6 titles and you will leave with 6 titles. Be patient with an old gypsy woman! Let her gaze deeper into the magic ball... gazing... deeper and deeper... Miss Kanagawa. Do you recognize her name, friends? Yes, Madame Butcher  thought you would. She sends friendship and peace to all who visit and she knows a secret. Want to hear? Come closer... closer. The Friendship Doll is the 6th title you desire. 

Leave at once! Madame Butcher must rest- the magic makes her sleep. What it that? Yes, she does have a favorite from this list? No! She will not reveal the winner! You must return in January for that morsel. And bring cookies... gypsies love cookies! 


  1. From your mouth to God's ear!

    Thanks for your support, Madame Butcher.

  2. Why thank you, Madame Butcher. I greatly appreciate your magical wonders.
    Erika : )

  3. Funny Madame Butcher I love those book requests! Can't wait to read them.