November 7, 2011

More Keyboarding Sites

Keyboarding. Typing. Whatever you want to call it, it has become something I think about a lot. Who teaches it? How do you teach it? Who should be taught? How often should they be taught? What are the goals and objectives? How can we be expected to run online games when our internet speed is slower than molasses in January? Until I get any of those questions answered, I will continue to post keyboarding games, hoping that one of them will magically teach my kids to type properly and will load instantly. If you have any answers to my questions, I 'd love to hear from you!

These typing sites might not thrill kids- there are n bells and whistles. But, this is good if your computer lab can't handle 30 kids running Dance Mat Typing

Keep it Simple- this game might be the best choice for my overloaded computers: Big Brown Bear Learn to Type (and why are all of the best literacy sites coming out of The UK? Hmmm?)
Another simple and effective game from Big Brown Bear Learn to Type Simple graphics and it corrects the typist when he makes an error.
Another very, very simple touch typing program is Doorway Text Type. I like that this program shows the % correct as the student types.
Thank you to KB Connected for sharing these sites on her blog!

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