November 14, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday (Hunger Games Trailer Edition)

 I have been searching the web for a great place to post book reviews for librarians and teachers to use in the classroom.  Well, I am going to try hosting my own Book Talk Tuesday!  I invite teachers and librarians to link to a recent book talk or book review that can be used by others- to help purchase new books, learn about new books and to help give us book talk ideas.
My rules?
1. All content must be appropriate for children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. NEW 2. Please link to your original content, not the content of others.  3. Websites that you link to must be child friendly since lots of kids visit this site and if they click on your link, I want it to be appropriate for them. 4. Positive reviews only, please... we only spread love here at The Lemme Library! 5. Books must be available in The US. (you are welcome to link to ARC reviews)6. I reserve the right to remove any reviews that don't meet criteria 1-5.
In the link title field, be sure to include the title of the book you are reviewing and your site name. In the URL field, please link to this specific post that contains the book review (That way people don't have to scour your blog looking for it!)  
For newcomers & visitors: Definition of "Book Talk" from Wikipedia: "A booktalk in the broadest terms is what is spoken with the intent to convince someone to read a book.  The booktalker gives the audience a glimpse of the setting, the characters, and/or the major conflict without providing the resolution or denouement. Booktalks make listeners care enough about the content of the book to want to read it. A long booktalk is usually about five to seven minutes long and a short booktalk is generally thirty seconds to two minutes long.

I just showed The Hunger Games trailer to a group of 6th grade students! Wow! Goosebumps! Have you read the trilogy? What do you think? Who would you recast? I am thrilled with what I have seen! Anyone who doubted Jennifer Lawrence's ability to portray Katniss should be feeling much better! 
I only wish I would have seen Woody Harelson as Haymitch a little longer...

1.Rah, Rah, Radishes! (Flowering Minds)11.War and Watermelon (sharpread)21.Margo@ Fourth Musketeer (Vietnam: I Pledge Allegiance)
2.The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland (RES Library News)12.Picture Book- a- day Week #2 (Try Curiosity!)22.Heidi @ Geo Librarian (Otis and the Tornado)
3.9 Thanksgiving Books (Delightful Children's Books)13.Slob (brenda @ proseandkahn)23.We Dine With Cannibals (An Accidental Adventure #2) by C. Alexander London
4.Tamara Cox14.Picture Books for Native American Heritage Month (liblaura5)24.Goal! (Teach Mentor Texts)
5.Double Play (NC Teacher Stuff)15.Wonderstruck (A Curious Thing)25.Lisa Ard
6.Melonhead (a to z library)16.Books for 5-year- olds (Lit Lad)26.Lisa Ard reviews Fever 1793
7.Turtle in Paradise (RBE Library)17.The Mysteries of Angkor Wat (Wrapped In Foil)27.Grandpa Green (Brimful Curiosities)
8.The Ghost's Grave (RBE Library)18.2011 Middle Grade Novels for Family Stories Month (Irene Latham)28.You're next!
9.I Love to Dance (Picture Books & Pirouettes)19.Scary School (Bigfoot Reads)
10.Chronicles of Harris Burdick (Great Kid Books)20.Elephand and Piggie Round-Up (The Cath in the Hat)


  1. I haven't read the trilogy yet, it is on my to-read list. I better do it before the movie comes out.

  2. My link is kinda cheating. It is a list of books for female reluctant readers. All of our students are excited about the movie. I LOVE this trilogy. Need to reread it before March. I like Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, but in my mind he was more like Carson from Queer Eye:)

  3. AAAAHHHH!!!!! That was the first time I watched it! Wow. It's going to be so good. I already have major goosebumps and could cry just watching the trailer. I can't believe I forgot to turn on Good Morning America this morning before I left. I was going to purposefully stay home until 7:00 to watch and then I forgot! Thanks for posting this. I'll add our link tomorrow when our Tuesday post goes live. :)

  4. Oh my GOSH...that looks like it is going to be amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I can't wait for the movie! Thanks for the trailer!

  6. I loved the books, and I never fail to be disappoiinted by movies from great books. I still watch the movies, but I am less than thrilled. I am sure this one will produce similar results for me.


  7. I am almost ashamed to say I haven't yet read The Hunger Games. I am definitely not going to see the movie until I read it, though. I guess I better hurry up!

  8. No booktalk link this week, but of course I had to comment about the HG movie trailer! It looks AMAZING! But I totally agree with you about the lack of Haymitch. Out of all the actors, I'm most curious to see how Woody Harrelson does. There better be some real clips of him before March!

  9. I'm back from a little blogging break, finally.

  10. I didn't realize the movie would be out so soon. I'm looking forward to it. The books are all page-turners.