November 15, 2011

How You Doin'?

Have you ever had one of those mornings? Ok, these are lucky problems- nothing that I SHOULD complain about. I have a job, food, a house, healthy kids... I don't complain very often, but thought I would give it a shot today!  I present the last 3 hours in photos:

Getting the kids out the door in one piece is a chore I do not enjoy. So, when I drove past Starbucks and saw no line at the drive through, I had to go. My day was looking up- especially when I get a venti because they were out of grande cups. (Don't let a good Starbucks day throw you off your game!)
 I get to school and several teachers are stressed out because the electricians rewired their Smartboards. Only a teacher finds this stressful... but trust me, they do. They work so hard every night to get ready for the next day and when things are messed up- they feel it... deeply. I help them get things back to normal and find this picture on my desk... drawn for me by my loving 8 year old child. What does is mean? Does she think I am a bad witch and this is her way of telling me to make a change? I am really reading into this... and this chick's eyes are just burning into my soul!

This is the little guy causing all the fuss around here! Not so bad, right?  Kinda cute? This hooks to the Smartboard and then to your computer, reducing the number of chords hanging down and looking unsightly.
I love it... well, I loved it. Now it sits there staring at me... mocking me. (Keep reading).

Look at the picture below. Yes, it is a Smartboard. It is "my" Smartboard. I love it. I worship it. I treat it like royalty. Look at the picture again... do you see the hole? Yes. actually, 2 holes in my Smartboard. I am sure that it was an innocent mistake by the electricians and they probably didn't even know that it happened. Jeff at physical plant came right out this morning to look at it. Scott Electric will replace it for us, eventually. 

So I look above my computer and read this sign.

 And then I look to the right and see this sign,

And I look to my left and I see this guy.
So- do I "Keep calm and carry on" and try to save the world from maniacal evil... or is my goose cooked?  
What would you do? What would Perry do? That's what I though. Thanks for listening. : ) Kelly


  1. I'd make another trip to Starbucks and then sit there and draw a picture of myself reading on the beach that says, "I'm a sand-wich!" It's good to stop and realize how crazy the things are that we deal with everyday!

  2. Forgive me if this gets posted twice!

    I would have headed back to Starbucks and sat there and drawn a picture of myself reading on a beach with the caption: "I'm a sand-wich!"

    Isn't it amazing to stop and realize the craziness that we deal with on a daily basis? We do just have to keep calm and carry on! :)