September 26, 2011

Use it or Lose It!

With a very new, very expensive Smartboard in the middle of my teaching space, I feel very obligated to use it and make sure that other people see me use it. I admit that I haven't mastered the art of creation, but I long ago mastered the art of downloading and linking. Here are a few games I will be using with grades three through six to introduce, review and practice shelf order and call number. 
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Alphaorder: Very simple presentation, it allows kids to put words in order by first letter. 

Order in the Library: Great game that has various levels for shelving, sorting and reordering books.
The Book Game: Students click on a book spine to place it in order on a shelf. 1st letter alphabetizing, very simple.
SmartExchange File: Putting Fiction Books in Order. Several screens that you can customize for putting books in order, photos of actual books and 1st, 2nd and 3rd letter alphabetizing.
SmartExchange File: Library Skills. Alphabetizing by author's name, reading spine labels, and understanding library organization.

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