September 17, 2011

Reading in Technicolor

I have said on this blog time and again, how blogging has broadened my PLC (professional learning community). I have learned more from this circle of people in the last year than I have in 8 years of  professional development.  Angie Oliverson (MsO or @SenioritaO) at MsOReadsBooks has become part of my PLC.   She participates in Book Talk Tuesday, comments on this blog, gives me great ideas on Pinterest and shares great links and conversation on Twitter. It was only fitting that I ask her to be a part of my 1 Year Blogiversary Guest Blogger Line Up! She has helped me shape my blog and my instruction and I wanted my readers to get to know her! Thank you Angie for this great post! Angie put much thought into this post and I can tell how hard she worked because she had to find each picture, save it and attach it... little things that bloggers notice! : )
I am a very visual person myself, so this post is right up my alley! Enjoy, everyone... Reading in Technicolor!
Ms. O's BookTalk Saturday, Color Coded!

RED How to Talk to Girls
New favorite. This author hit the nail on the head ... in the fourth grade. Really! Boys/men ... take his advice! And a new favorite book memory is all of the male students who came in to the library after we acquired several copies and red-faced whispered to me "Do you have that book?"
ORANGE Green Eggs and Ham
'Nuff said, right? The cover is famous. I love to do a reader's theatre of this one. As a kid my parents TRIED to get me to try new things "try it and you may, I say!" Didn't usually work. I was pretty stuborn.
YELLOW any Nancy Drew
Oh, boy, did I eat these books up as a kid. Every single last one I could get my hands on. I wanted to be a detective and solve mysteries just like Nancy and Beth and ... oh, I will have to go look up her name. YES! George. A funny memory I've got is of one book where (this is so ridiculous) someone jumped out wearing a gorilla costume. It totally freaked me out! This was before my Neil Gaiman, Alvin Schwartz, Charlie Higson, and Johnathan Maberry days.
GREEN Anne of Green Gables
Oh. I'm not even sure how to describe this one. It's my one "girly" obsession ... I love this series. I've read Anne's story more times than I can count. My sister and I are planning a trip to Prince Edward Island this summer.
BLUE Silverfin
This is sort of a combo choice. Partly for all of the detective/spy stories I read as a kid. Partly for TODAY's kids who will also enjoy the action!
INDIGO Theodosia and the Last Pharaoh
This is one of my newer favorites. I would have loved Theodosia as a child! She's smart and funny and there's a bit of magic. I also recommend these to all my students!
VIOLET The Outsiders
This one I remember reading in my middle school cafeteria. And crying. OH SO GOOD.
BROWN Harry Potter
Can I count this one as brown because of all the stonework? I know I wasn't a kid when I started reading these. But I have wonderful memories. I remember getting a copy with a coupon (left behind by the daughter of a cousin) I found on my grandma's lawn. Pretty sure I was in college at the time. Anyway. I came home to start teaching high school Spanish and I started reading it to my little brother. He was in ... oh, maybe second grade at the time (yes, I know ... lots of time between us!). I didn't know how to properly pronounce Hermione's name but we loved reading those books together. We went to the movies as his birthday present for years. We went to the midnight release parties of the books. Good times.
The Ruins of Gorlan
This is a relatively new favorite and a definite top of the recommendation list at school. It's the classic hero cycle for kids!

Cherry Ames
So I know this cover isn't white but her uniform is! Funny ... I don't actually remember that much about the books specifically but I do remember heading to a corner shelf in the library many times to pick up a new one!


  1. Hey Mrs Butcher,
    DK if my other post showed, but here it is again! :)
    I was wondering if i could put a hold on In Too Deep (book 6 in 39 clues) on the catalog, or if i had to come and ask you in person. If you don't get this, i'll just ask you Monday!
    Erika Z

  2. It is on hold for you! I think it will be back this week!
    Mrs. B

  3. Thanks a lot! i was afraid i was gonna go bonkers and read the 5th book again(like the Hunger Games):)
    Now I want to read How To Talk TO Girls... do we own it?
    Ha Ha
    Erika Z