September 21, 2011

Never Too Busy To Read!

Of all the famous, published and well-known guest bloggers I have been lucky enough to host this week, none of them hold a candle to my next guest. Addy Smith is a sixth grader at Lemme School, but she could be a freshman in college. She is an amazing young lady. She reads like crazy, and reads all sorts of great books. We have been known to have 45 minute conversations about which faction we would choose if we were Tris. We have gotten caught up in our discussions of why we think Gale is so much better for Katniss than Peeta. And these conversations are some of the best I have ever had about books. Addy knows her stuff and can articulate her opinion better than girls 10 years her senior. But she isn't only good at reading- she is a whiz at math too and she is tech savvy. She is a caring big sister and someone I trust to look after the little tykes in the library when I need her. She is dependable and has a good head on her shoulders. She is funny and witty and I truly love spending time talking with her. You would think that a kid that has all of this and a bag of chips going for her would let it go to her head- and be smug and snooty. No. Not Addy. She is down to earth and she knows where she is going in life. I adore this girl and I know she will do big things with her life. I know she has her heart set on being a obstetrician (she told me that 6 years ago when I first met her in kindergarten), but don't be surprised if she is President of The united States one day. Don't be surprised at all. Thank you Addy for taking the time out of your very busy life to write a great blog post for this old lady. : )

Are people too busy for reading these days?
I know I've got trumpet, piano, guitar, chores, sports, plays and school.  (Don't forget pestering your siblings it's a big part in your day!) But I ALWAYS make time for reading!
I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't make time for reading! I always have a HUGE list of books that I want to read (thanks to Mrs. Butcher and goodreads) and I often find myself wondering "why can't I read faster?" Well that's because there are TOO many books out there that I have yet to read! 
As a younger child I had people in my life that always made time for helping me read and boy am I glad that they did! 
Here is a video of me reading to my grandma  when I was 5!

Make sure that YOU find time to foster the love of reading for those special people in your life. 
And that to-read list won't be getting any shorter by me sitting around on the computer! 
So, Happy #1 to the #1 blog!


  1. Addy, this is so wonderful to see. It's readers like you who keep us writing, for sure. I remember that feeling, as a kid, of wanting to read FASTER. Now, I'm forever trying to learn to slooooooow down. But I bet you'll find your perfect pace. God luck in everything, and thanks for posting! You should come back again some time.

    Your fan, Laurel Snyder

  2. Addy, I'm with you! There is ALWAYS enough time to read! Thank you for being so inspiring!

  3. I love to read! When I got out of High School I stopped and I now ask myself why!! Now I'm way behind on my read list!! Well we are only in the moment so for now I'm grateful that I'm still able to enjoy a good book!

    Never stop reading! So many fabulous things can be learned!

  4. Great post, Addy! You're so right, it's not only important but absolutely possible to keep finding time to read. I also have a Goodreads account and am both excited and overwhelmed by how much I have yet to read. But I'll keep at it - and I hope you will too.

  5. Hi Addy! Great to read your blog and I couldn't agree more. I think books are so important around the house and really help to foster a love of reading. My children are 5 and 7 and I my greatest hope is that they enjoy reading for life :)

  6. Addy-

    In today's parlance: You are awesome with a side of awesome sauce. I remember what it's like to be teleported into a book and then seek out someone (ANYONE) who'd read the same book so I could talk to them about it.

    Even at my age (38), a day just isn't complete until I've had that moment in my reading zone. I still can't get enough. Now, as a sixth grade teacher, I try to do what you're doing here - help people fall in love with great books and reading.

    Keep sharing your love with the world, Addy, and you will be leaving a legacy to be truly proud of.



  7. Great post! I wish Goodreads had been around when I was your age... I really, really loved books then... and still do!

  8. Wonderful post-and I couldn't agree more! There are so many things I'd give up before time to read every day. Keep on spreading the message!

  9. You go girl. I need to show this to some teachers at school.
    Next week we meet for teacher book club. This month we were suppose to read Hunger Games, and one teacher told me should couldn't come because she didn't have time to read the book. Then for the next 15 minutes she went on and on about all these reality shows she watches. TURN OFF THE TV AND READ ALREADY!

  10. Thanks for sharing with us, Addy! I've always been a reader, just like you, and it's always nice to hear from a fellow book lover. You give great advice when you encourage people to make time for fostering the love of reading in others.

    I expect to hear much more from you in the future!

  11. I love to read, too! I read voraciously as a child. Today, I always have a book with me. :)

  12. Great post, Addy! I love the video of you reading as a five-year-old, along with the credit you give to your grandmother and the other people in your life who have supported your passion for books. Starting when I was really little, my dad took me to the local library every weekend, and I still remember the immense awe I felt when I was finally tall enough to see over the circulation desk! I don't like to give my dad the satisfaction of admitting it to his face, but he really helped support me as a reader! It's awesome that you love books so much and I'm sure you're spreading the word to friends and giving that gift too!

  13. Addy, I love your video and that your grandma gave you a reading boost.My grandma was a key figure in my life and she is the reason Hattie Big Sky got written.

    I also appreciate your point about reading every day. My husband and I generally close out any day with at least 10 minutes in bed, reading. Well, 10 minutes for him before he's snoring; a little longer for me. But when we don't end our day this way, we both feel off balance.

    I hope, hope, hope I can meet you someday and we can talk books until our brains run dry.

  14. Love the video Addy!

    I love it that you have a HUGE list of books to read - which is so impressive.

    If you want to know how impressive it is, just go around and ask some grown ups - how big is their list of "books to read".

    You will be surprised how your list is much bigger!

    And that is why Read Aloud Dad tips his hat to you!

    Read Aloud Dad

  15. Addy, I'm showing your post to my fifth graders in our library. Your enthusiasm for reading is infectious and I hope some of them catch your reading spirit!
    Welcome to the kidlitosphere, kiddo!

  16. Hi, Addy. You have reminded me how much I love books, too, and how important it is to always spend time reading! Reading is such a great way to relax, learn new things, and be able to spend a little time in a whole different world. Thanks for a great post, and have fun in middle school!

  17. Great post, Addy! I agree that there's ALWAYS time for reading. I find that no matter how hectic and crazy my life is, if I don't take time to sit down with a good book at least once a day, things seem even crazier. Reading brings me enjoyment but also serenity and peace. Thanks for sharing your love of reading!

  18. Addy, this was an awesome post! Books, like milkshakes, are best when shared -- so thanks for reminding us to share with those around us.

  19. What a great blog post Addy. You are inspiring. Keep reading, writing and sharing.

  20. You are a reading rockstar, Addy! Thanks for sharing your love of reading!

  21. Hooray for readers! Hooray for grandmas! Hooray for books!

  22. Wonderful blog post Addy! You are, no doubt,inspiring scores of young readers to find the magic in words!