August 6, 2011

If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Pin On It!

As if I need another super cool thing on the internet to keep me from reading, cleaning, sleeping, showering... or feeding my children!  I have discovered Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can pin images you see on the web. I have installed a "pin it" button on my browser, so if I see something I love or want to come back to, I can pin it and it will be saved to one of my boards. Here is one of my boards that I have created for all of my library decor ideas:

All of the images are automatically credited to the original place on the web, so you can go back to it and give credit where credit is due. There is space to write notes, so you can include an entire recipe or a keyword. Pinterest is a very social site. You can have followers and follow others. If you see something on one of their boards, you can repin it to yours, like it or comment on it. You can instantly post your pins to Facebook, Twitter or SumbleUpoin. You can email them to friends or embed them in your blog.
Pinterest follows a high standard and doesn't allow hate or inappropriate content. There are some 4 letter words on there and nudity, so be warned.  Right now, Pinterest is invitation only- so you can visit them, enter your email and cross your fingers! If you are on Pinterest, come check out my boards
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