July 13, 2011

Keep Calm and Comment On!

I present you with my brand new, way too official comment policy. For 99.9% of my viewers, this policy will have no affect on your commenting- so keep calm and comment on! Thanks!
 Here at The Lemme Library, we love comments. People who share books with each other must comment on posts to share ideas, make suggestions and ask questions. To make sure that comments help us all have productive and meaningful conversations, I have adopted some rules that I ask you to follow when making comments.
1. All comments are moderated on this blog by Kelly Butcher, Lemme Librarian. She has the final say over all comments that appear on this blog and will delete any comments without notification to the poster.
2. Kids are reading this, so don't write anything that you wouldn't want a child to read. Anything that is inappropriate for young viewers, or offensive to the librarian will not be posted.
3. Respect the thoughts and ideas of others. Use kind words to agree and use kind words to disagree.
4. Don't use the comment area to self promote your blog, your new book or your giveaway. I do understand that bloggers need to get viewers, but this is not the place for advertising or promoting your site. 
5. If you share a link to an external site, it must be relevant to the post and help to broaden our understanding, support an idea or help us answer questions. Links to unrelated sites will not be posted.
6. I don't publish spam. I delete spam and report spammers. Don't waste my time, don't waste your time.
7. Respect the copyright of other people.
8. Have fun, be yourself and play nice.

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