July 25, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday

I have been searching the web for a great place to post book reviews for librarians and teachers to use in the classroom.  Well, I am going to try hosting my own Book Talk Tuesday!  I invite teachers and librarians to link to a recent book talk or book review that can be used by others- to help purchase new books, learn about new books and to help give us book talk ideas.  

My rules?
1. All content must be appropriate for children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.
NEW 2. Please link to your original content, not the content of others. 
3. Websites that you link to must be child friendly since lots of kids visit this site and if they click on your link, I want it to be appropriate for them.
4. Positive reviews only, please... we only spread love here at The Lemme Library!
5. Books must be available in The US. (you are welcome to link to ARC reviews)
6. I reserve the right to remove any reviews that don't meet criteria 1-5.
In the link title field, be sure to include the title of the book you are reviewing and your site name. In the URL field, please link to this specific post that contains the book review (That way people don't have to scour your blog looking for it!)

For newcomers & visitors: Definition of "Book Talk" from Wikipedia: "A booktalk in the broadest terms is what is spoken with the intent to convince someone to read a book.  The booktalker gives the audience a glimpse of the setting, the characters, and/or the major conflict without providing the resolution or denouement. Booktalks make listeners care enough about the content of the book to want to read it. A long booktalk is usually about five to seven minutes long and a short booktalk is generally thirty seconds to two minutes long.

Sad Keanu=Me and Samantha & Jake=Summer Vacation
 So, it is the last Tuesday in July, so my back to school depression has set in. I start having back to school dreams, I avoid the school supply section at Target and I start thinking of all the things I SHOULD have gotten done but didn't this summer. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I love summer too. This summer has been extra hard since I have been limited to a 10 mile radius and 2 hour outings. My poor husband has spent his entire summer sitting in the blue recliner in the basement. I've had better summers, but all in all, it could be worse! I am always anxious about a new school year- the first weeks are so stressful- and I haven't stepped foot in my library this summer! 
In the comments today, tell me how you feel about these last few weeks of summer vacation. Do you feel like you are "walking the green mile" or do you savor every second? Do you dread going back or do you get excited? Do you have back to school dreams? 
1.Melvin and the Boy (Colby Sharp)9.Fancy Nancy (Read Aloud Dad)17.Dancing Home (Great Kid Books)
2.Bigger Than a Bread Box (Lemme)10.Gooney Bird Greene (Lit Chat for Kids)18.The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (SLJ Touch and Go)
3.Chris (@book_ dads)11.Mirror (NC Teacher Stuff)19.The Unforgettable Season (Nonfiction Detectives)
4.Bread Crumbs (Lemme)12.January Conspiracy 365 (The Brain Lair)20.Three Balloon Toons Books (Katie @ Secrets & Sharing Soda)
5.The Puzzling World of Winston Breen (Kidsmomo)13.Cloudette (liblaura5)21.Prudence Wants a Pet (The Cath in the Hat)
6.The Summer I Learned to Fly (Jen Robinson's Book Page)14.The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero 22.Daydreams of a Solitary Hamster (Bigfoot Reads)
7.Small as an Elephant (Chocolate Air)15.Mrs. Mattei23.Troublemaker (Heidi @ Geo Librarian)
8.Plantzilla Goes to Camp (Amy @ Classic6books)16.Beware of the Storybook Wolves by Lauren Child (Gathering Books)


  1. Kelly, I think you and I are the two most excited people in the universe about the upcoming release of Darth Paper. I can't wait to read it, and see what you think about it. Happy reading everyone!

  2. As the new school year approaches, I start having Back-to-School dreams, too! I haven't had one yet, though. That must mean I am still in SUMMER mode! I still have a month left, and I will savor each day!

  3. Sorry I missed book talk last week. I was so busy at the library! I look forward to reading the book talk posts.- Michelle from Lit Chat for Kids.

  4. No back to school dreams yet. I find it a lot easier if I start back early and ease my way into what needs to be done to start the year.

  5. On the one hand, I'm looking forward to getting in there and finishing getting the library in order for fall. On the other hand, this is the first summer I've worked in years and I feel like I need a vacation!

  6. I dread the start of August, because that means that my precious unscheduled lovliness is almost at an end. After that I find myself staying up later and later to pack in the things I want to do. As the end of Aug. nears though, I am always excited about starting the new year.

    School supplies were out at my Target BEFORE the 4th of July this year! Argh!!

  7. Hi Kelly, I can sympathize. My month-long vacation in the Philippines is over and I am now back in Humid Singapore (it's humid throughout the year, eternally summer here). I am now up to my chin with meetings and meetings and preparing for the coming semester (I teach graduate school) - I've just uploaded all my readings to our university portal, all my slides, all my requirements for the coming semester. So yes, summer is officially over for me. *Sad*

  8. I'm pretty bummed about the end of summer. I've really enjoyed the less structure time and opportunities for spontaneity with my kids. I'm homeschooling my youngest son this school year, so that will be an interesting challenge to add to our schoolyear days...here's to making the most of the last bit of time we have this summer!

  9. Thanks for hosting Book Talk Tuesday. It's a great list of books again this week! I can't wait to read Bigger Than a Bread Box.

  10. With all 100 degree days we've been having, I've been drooping. Fall is my favorite season, so I'm really looking forward to cooler days. Besides, there's a trip to Italy scheduled for October. Can't wait!

  11. I’m with Catherine…fall is my favorite season, too. Plus, I don’t have to go to back to school, so it’s all good from where I’m standing.

  12. I have mixed feelings about the end of summer. I have enjoyed the time off. I've been able to get things done that get neglected during the school year (including spending more time on my blog). But I do miss talking about books with my students.

  13. Hey! I will be moving at the end of summer and wrapping up my job at this library (programming and services for children teens). It has been a dream job for me, love the community, the kids, everything. So I will be packing the last couple of weeks, job hunting, doing summer reading club, blogging. The feelings are mixed, excited, nervous, feeling pressure to get things done, excited about the things that need doing...yep, mixed. Prop. should take something off my plate, blogging wise, sigh. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  14. I meant...enjoy the rest of your summer, we are all muddling through, maybe we can help keep all our heads above water.