June 21, 2011

It Gets Better!

Thank you to Tom Angleberger for sharing this video.  After reading Warp Speed by Lisa Yee, I am concerned about all of the bullying that may be going on right under my nose. We say that Lemme is a bully free zone- but I am sure that people are still having a hard time. 
A bunch of authors and illustrators got together and made this video to let you know that things might be tough now, but things will get better.  But- you shouldn't sit around and wait for bullying to stop. Ask for help. Tell a parent, a friend, a teacher or a librarian. We are here to help you.  I am here to help you.
Things do get better...

1 comment:

  1. I so could have used this in 6th grade when I was the new kid and the "cool" girls decided to leave me hate notes every day.

    So much better!!!