June 6, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday

I have been searching the web for a great place to post book reviews for librarians and teachers to use in the classroom. Well, I am going to try hosting my own Book Talk Tuesday! I invite teachers, moms, dads and librarians to link to a recent book talk or book review that can be used by others.

My rules?
1. All content must be appropriate for children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.
2. Websites that you link to must be child friendly since lots of kids visit this site and if they click on your link, I want it to be appropriate for them.
3. Positive reviews only, please... we only spread love here at The Lemme Library!
4. Books must be available in The US. (you are welcome to link to ARC reviews)
5. I reserve the right to remove any reviews that don't meet criteria 1-4.
In the link title field, be sure to include the title of the book you are reviewing and your site name. In the URL field, please link to this specific post that contains the book review (That way people don't have to scour your blog looking for it!)

Wow! What a weekend for book bloggers! My Twitter account almost exploded from all of the #yasaves tweets!This week, in your comment, tell me your YA experience or thoughts. Did a book make a difference in your life? Did you tweet about it? Blog about it? Leave a link to your post! I created this graphic for people to use on their blogs. Feel free to use it!

NEW! I think that comment prompt is for the wrong crows! Most of us (including me), aren't YA people, so scratch that! So, if you leave a comment, tell us one of your guilty pleasures. What do you like to do that you may not like to admit in mixed company... keep it rated G here folks, we are a school library blog! : ) 
My guilty pleasure? I have a lot of them. But, one I am willing to admit to is:

Jerseylicious. Yes- the reality show on The Style Network- the show about hairstylists in New Jersey that fight and act like crazy people. Yes- I watch it. Yes, I DVR it. Yes, I turn the channel when my husband walks in the room. But, I love it. I love the drama and may be it makes me feel just a little better about my lot in life. How about you'?

1.A Million Miles From Boston 9.Darth Paper Strikes Back 17.Underground (proseandkahn) 
2.Penny Dreadful (Jen Robinson's Book Page) 10.Turtle's Penguin Day (liblaura5) 18.Little Red Pen (The Cath in the Hat) 
3.Dragon of Doom; Mother & Son Tales; My Father's Dragon; Pearl & Wagner (Lit Lad) 11.Juniper Berry (@Chocolate Air) 19.Young Fredle (Smithville Elementary Library--@ seslibrary) 
4.New York Review Children's Collection: Breathtaking Book Sets (Read Aloud Dad) 12.Enter the Zombie (@pageintraining) 20.Shelf- employed 
5.10 Children's Books About Gardening 13.How They Croaked ( @ Kid Lit Frenzy) 21.Small as an Elephant (Heidi@ Geo Librarian) 
6.Books for picky eaters (Try Curiosity!) 14.Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku (Bigfoot Reads) 22.Meet Annie Barrows 
7.Michelle Marcus@ litchat for kids 15.Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan (Gathering Books) 

8.8 Mini Reviews of Picture Books Read in May 16.Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie (proseandkahn)   


  1. Sorry I posted my blog site twice. I don't know how to erase it. I spoke about my must read children's books for the summer.

  2. My guilty pleasure would be collaborative writing and crossovers. I love writing stories and novels with my friends. It is great brainstorming and getting to know one another's characters.

    If I was going to go with a show, it'd need to be NCIS right now.

  3. I like books about cats, but I usually keep that a secret because I’m a dog.

  4. Hello! We have just recently joined the listserv of kidlitosphere (although we've been members for the longest time) - and I'd like to share a book review that I have done yesterday on Shaun Tan's Tales from Outer Suburbia. I included a link to your site at the very bottom of the post. =)

    Guilty Pleasures: Smallville, Glee, House, Criminal Minds, Fringe, even Gossip Girl - what can I say, I am a series addict! =)

  5. I am going to be greedy and post two titles today. Like Pickle Juice on a Pickle would be a lovely read aloud in grades 1 - 3, maybe even 4. And yesterday, I posted some thoughts on Shane Evans' luminous book Underground, which I believe would have many uses in both language arts and social studies classrooms, and art, for that matter.

    My guilty pleasure? I guess I must say that it's American Idol. My sons roll their eyes at me with a comment like, "You're still watching that?!?" I also love Glee.


  6. Overall I eat a balanced diet, plenty of fruit and veggies, no fast food, etc. However, my guilty pleasure is to occasionally sneak a handful of Pringles potato chips.

  7. My guilty pleasure is Diet Coke! I keep trying to wean myself from them, but I can't seem to break the habit! :)

    Happy reading, all!

  8. As a New Jerseyan, I steer clear of any reality shows that feature New Jerseyans. It's too painful to watch. 'Nough said.

  9. My guilty pleasure? I love collecting models of horses. I also tend to spend more time reading than cleaning my house. Sigh. Thanks for hosting.

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