May 13, 2011

I'm a Mac. I'm a PC. I'm a Basketcase!

Starting immediately, ICCSD will stop purchasing Macintosh computers in favor of 1 platform- Windows. Let me first say that I don't envy the people involved in making this decision for our district- it hasn't been easy.
I understand the reasons I've been given for the change- it is more affordable to purchase and support 1 platform. I get that, I respect that, but I am still a little sad and a little disappointed. I am a dual platform librarian- I have a Mac and a PC at home and Macs, (let's say 90 or more) at school. I value the differences of each platform and respect what each platform has to offer. I know this decision is one of money, but I can't help but take it a little personally. The entire country is "Mac vs PC". You've seen the commercials. Depending on the company I am with, I may or may not admit to having a Mac. Even my husband rolls his eyes at me when I talk about my Apple MacBook. Mac is a dirty word to some people, and I feel that my allegiance to Apple causes people to take me less seriously.

As a librarian, I strive to make technology something that my teachers and kids aren't afraid of. I worry, selfishly, that switching platforms midstream will cause a ton of work for me. Reteaching 350 kids how to log in, save, find files and navigate on a new computer is a daunting task. Buying and finding new software that is compatible with my new platform causes me to see dollar signs. The thought of viruses infiltrating my innocent Mac school makes me tremble. Saying goodbye to Garage Band makes me tear up a little (I can do without iPhoto- I have a Picnik subscription!) But, I am taking one for the team, as I don't have a choice and will put on my happy librarian smile and make everyone feel comfortable. That is my job, but I need to write this post as a part of my grieving process... yes, grieving process. I will miss the familiarity and ease of my Macs.
A part of me is excited to start this new adventure... a little part of me. The part of me that doesn't have to explain this decision to teachers. At least I will be able to discuss my platform in mixed company... Apple users always tend to be more accepting of PCs than the other way around. Someone please tell me if I become one of those pompus PC users I have met in my lifetime (Hello- I am MARRIED to one!)

Goodbye, old friend. Thanks for the memories.
This is a repost- the Blogger crash deleted this post... Blogger issue or PC operative? : ) Happy Friday the 13th!
**To cover my bases, the exact ICCSD policy reads:
"In these times of extremely limited funding, budget reductions, and budget reallocations, it is not fiscally  prudent for the district to continue supporting two platforms. Beginning immediately, the district will  only purchase PCs except for very limited, and rare, instances where a case is made for a small-scale  deployment of Apples. The process to determine how to process requests for exceptions is still under development."

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