May 23, 2011

Get Your Summer Read On!

Each year, the ICCSD Librarians compile the best books and create summer reading lists for kids in grades K-8. We (librarians) create curricular bibliographies throughout the spring, and it's these lists we use to create the Summer Reading Lists. Most, if not all of these books, can be found at your local school or public library.  Check them out!

If you are interested in joining a summer reading program in town, the public libraries have plenty to offer!
Check out the Coralville Library Reading Program here!
Check out the Iowa City Library Reading program here!
Will you be out of town or on the road a lot this summer? Try The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge!
What does the ALA have to say about the importance of
Summer Reading Programs? Glad you asked! Read about it here!

For parents and kids in fifth grade or higher, I suggest! You can sign up using an email account and record all of the books you have read, are reading and want to read. You can set goals for yourself and see what your friends are reading. This is intended for tweens, young adults and adults. Please know that messages can be sent and there will be links and other interaction that is not supervised. This is the perfect time to talk to your child about your internet use expectations! You can check out MY account here- and if you join, add me as a friend!

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  1. Right ON! Will check these lists out as I continue to build mine (in Canada, kids last day of school June 30) Off to check out your good reads, too!

    Cheers and happy Summer Reading!