April 5, 2011

Typing Games

This is a groovy little typing game from the BBC!  It's like being at a typing rave!  This is a full scale typing program that starts with home row keys and works through a series of lessons.

In this typing game, you are a cute little spider who must escape predators in the jungle.  You have to type accurately if you want to escape!

Do you have what it takes to be a great chef?  You move up from dish washer to 4 star chef as you practice your touch typing.  

Go for the gold as you practice your keyboarding skills!  The faster you type, the faster you run!  Represent the USA and type your way to Olympic Gold! 

Type Type Revolution
Like Dance Dance Revolution, you have to type the correct keys to the beat.  If you don't miss, you get a combo and that is worth lots of points.  This game is hard- even for me!

This PacMan game is controlled by correct typing.

Typing Adventure
Type quickly and accurately to get the explorer safely through the traps and to the treasures... a little like Indiana Jones!

Spacebar Invaders
Like Space Invaders from my day on the Atari, you have to type to destroy rows of alien invaders.  This one gave me a good challenge!

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