April 6, 2011

Team Harvey or Team Dwight??

Only 4 more months until Darth Paper come out!  Ohhhh..... I can't wait!  I read this on Twitter today: 
I clicked on the link so fast that I think I sprained my thumb!   

From Tom:
"Just one drawing to go! Having trouble with Rhondella…. she’s the hardest to draw!
Here’s a picture that may or may not end up in the book. But it works sort of like a teaser trailer, so I thought I’d post it here for you…"


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I had no idea the book was going to be released as early as this year, let alone in August. I've just been focused on the other book Tom Angleberger has coming out May 1, 2011: HORTON HALFPOTT. This is going to be a good summer for reading.

  2. I cannot wait to see this book when it comes out.