March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, MiMi, My Bookworm!

Leah will turn three tomorrow! I can't believe how grown up she acts. She is sassy and has plenty of attitude (I don't know where she got those 2 traits). Even with all of her sass, she is an avid reader and has memorized several books. When you hear her, it sounds like she is actually READING the book. So, in honor of MiMi (Leah), I give you a list of her favorite books... books I could read in my sleep, and can recite without the book in front of me. Read to your kids! What are your favorite books to share with your children?

Pinkalicious by Elizabeth and Victoria Kann (E KAN)
Leah's favorite color was purple until she read this book!  Now she can't get enough pink!  This year, her birthday cupcakes were replicas of the cupcakes made in the book.  She can recite this book word for word!  The paperback version of it is on its last leg at our house, so I will need to buy another copy soon.  Don't tell her, but I got her the Pinkalicious doll for her birthday!  We watch this video at least 2 times a night! Pinkalicious Pink-a-boo!

David Gets in Trouble by David Shannon (E SHA)
Leah enjoys all of the books by David Shannon, but right now, this is her favorite.  I think she delights in watching other kids get in trouble for a change!  I didn't mean to!

The a Monster at the End of This Book by John Stone
I remember reading this Little Golden Book when I was a kid!  I had my copy for ever- even though it was tattered and torn.  Leah loves this book, and hates monsters.  I think she likes the safe anticipation she has while she reads it... knowing that there really won't be a monster at the end of the book.  Oops- I hope I didn't spoil it for you!

If you Give a Pig a Party by Laura Numeroff (E NUM)
There are so many Mouse Cookie books!  Leah loves them all, but her very favorite is the story of Pig.  She wants a party and needs to invite all of her friends- of course, she is easily distracted and they end up playing hide & go seek in the woods.  Did you know that all of Pig's friends are hidden on this page?  I didn't, until I read it with Leah.  Her dad didn't either, but she showed him every single one!  Can you find them? There are lots of fun games to play and pictures to print over at

Strega Nona by Tomie DePoala (398.2 DEP)
Ah, Strega Nona... I can't say her name without going into my best Italian accent.  In fact, I read the entire book in my Italian accent!  Big Anthony gets into a heap of trouble when he can't be trusted with Strega Nona's magic pasta pot.  He learns his lesson the hard way when he has to eat sooooooo much pasta!  Click on this link: Strega Nona to listen to the author read the story!
Heckedy Peg by Don & Audrey Wood (E WOO)
This book is a little creepy for little kids, but Leah loves it.  7 children are left alone in their cottage while their mother goes into town.  She warns them to not touch the fire and to not let strangers in... of course, they do both!  A witch (creepy)  comes into their home and turns them all into food so she can eat them (creepy).  The mother goes into the dark forest (creepy) to rescue them, but the witch won't let her in.  She pretends to cut off her feet (super creepy) so the witch can trust her not to chase her.  When the mother sees her children, she knows just what to do to save them.  Then, together, they chase the witch out of town- she jumps in the river and drowns (creepy).  I can just hear Leah say "I'm Heckedy Peg, I lost my leg... let me in!"  (creepy!)

Happy 3rd birthday, Leah Avery

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  1. I loved Strega Nona when I was little, too! I still read it sometimes! Happy Birthday Leah!