February 14, 2011

Take Over Your School I Will. Hmmmmmm.

Yoda seems to be taking over our school lately!  May be we will change our mascot from the Lemme Leopards to the LemmeYodas... has a good ring to it, yes?  With kids still reeling after our Skype with Mr. Angleberger and so many kids reading the book and Mrs. Hall using it as an oral lit choice... everyone is in on the action!
Usually I get upset when I find "non-educational" materials printed, but Master Yoda must have put some sort of calm over me.

Aidan is in 1st grade and well on his way to becoming an origami master!

Will can't be stopped.  He is now inventing his own characters, like this Sith

And he has invented an origami speech bubble!

And... congratulations to Tom on his Cybils Award for

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