January 13, 2011

My Most Visited Links

I just realized that Forefox lets you sort your bookmarks by the number of times you have visited them.  I am ashamed to say that my most visited site isn't NPR or the Iowa City Public Library, but... Facebook with 856 visits(I am attributing this high number to the fact that I run the Lemme Facebook page.).  Gulp.  Here are the runner-ups, I hope you will find something that you like in this list!  Leave a comment and tell me what your most visited website is... besides this blog, of course!

The Crafty Crow is a children's craft collective created by teacher, girl scout leader and home school mom, Casi.  She scours the web for amazing crafts to do with children.  I have used this site to find crafts to use with my own children, with my Daisy Scouts and during library lessons.  I love this site and visit it several times a week!

The Picky Palate is a website that combines 3 of my favorite things: family, photography and food.  Jenny is a stay at home mom who appears to be a fabulous cook and photographer!  Her recipes are amazing and she cooks with her kids in mind, so the recipes are family friendly.  What I love most about this site is that she photographs each stage of the recipe, so you know what everything "should" look like!  The photographs are amazing- not just taken in a dirty kitchen, but staged beautifully.  Check it out, and let me know if you try a recipe!

Kind Over Matter is a blog I visit when I need a little pick me up.  The blog is written by Amanda, with the hopes that visitors will spread a little kindness and make the world a better place.  You can find inspirational videos, photos and quotes.  Now and then, you will get some great printables that you can use to spread cheer to friends and coworkers.  
Compfight.com is a site that I use to look for pictures that have Creative Commons rights on Flickr.  That means that the photographer is allowing me to use the picture for educational and nonprofit use, as long as I give credit.  When you use this site, it is important to know how to activate the Creative Commons option so you really are using the right photos.  Also know that these photos are not censored in any way, so there needs to be parental involvement while looking for pictures.  Parents should activate the safe search option.

Wow!  Don't go to this site on an empty stomach.  Bakerella.com is an AMAZING site for the baker in all of us.  Bakerella started when the blogger took a beginner's cake decorating class and got the baking bug.  She used the blog to keep track of her baking projects.  Not only are the recipes great, but the photography is amazing... amazing!  I have made the red velvet cake balls- very easy and very delicious! 

I discovered Goodreads.com when I wanted a quick and easy way to keep track of the books I want to read and the books I have read.  When you create an account, you can start a virtual bookshelf.  You can rate your books on a 5 star scale and write your own reviews.  You can add friends and see what they are reading, you can search for books by category and take fun quizes.  I like comparing my booklists to the booklists my friends keep to see how much we have in common.  If you have a Goodreads account, add me as a friend!  I'd love to see what you are reading.  New this year is the book challenge- you can enter how many books you want to read this year, and Goodreads will keep track for you!

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  1. Wow, fantastic set of recommendations! I'm a children's librarian and I know I'll now be a frequent visitor to The Crafty Crow - so much neat stuff there.