January 28, 2011

My Homework

So, Sami comes to me this afternoon and hands me a list of questions that she needs me to find the answers to.  She is very serious about this, and will not stop until she has well thought out, serious answers.  I have my work cut out for me.


I received these answers from a dedicated Hunger Games Fan on a Mockingjay Forum:
1. They don't really talk about it. But most likely ether one of the most recent victors do or one who is widely known and liked by the Capitol.
2. Well there really isn't a toliet in the middle of the arena so they kinda just have to go anywhere. Like when you go camping out in the woods. Exept people aren't trying to kill you. :D
3. No. In the third book I believe she says that without his body then he really isn't dead. So Katniss never finds out.
4. Well the district who would even have that problem would probably be district 12 but it never happened so I don't know. I think they probably would have just have found someone else to be in the QQ by a drawing or something. But that's just my opinion.
5. Again I don't really know. No one really does. It didn't happen. They might have had a drawing or maybe they would have had to both go in.

I hope this helped a little. I love the hunger games and I've read the series numerous times. Everyday on my facebook I put up a quote up. I'm do that until the movie comes out on March 23rd 2012 so yea. Tell Sami to keep on reading! Hope this helps! May the odds be ever in your favor.
Team Foxface!!!

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