January 24, 2011

Kindergarten Art: Penguins in the Library

It is cold enough in the library for penguins to live here, so naturally, we are studying The Antarctic!  Did you know that most kindergarten students thought that penguins and polar bears live TOGETHER?  Nope!  Penguins live in the southern hemisphere of the world, while polar bears live up north!  

Today, we read The Emperor Lays an Egg (598.47 GUI)  by Brenda Z. Guiberson  and learned that penguins may be the hardest working parents in the world!  Did you know that a father penguin will stand still for 21 days straight to conserve energy and that he goes about 120 days without eating while he takes care of the chick?  The mom penguin travels over 90 miles to get food for her baby!  Wow!  Ask your kindergarten student what THEY learned about penguins today!  

After our story, we made torn paper penguins.  
Check out some of these adorable little birds!  The template for the penguin came from Kaboose


  1. Kelly, I am going to make sure my good friend, Brenda Guiberson, sees this post. She is an amazing writer (and illustrator) and works very hard to make sure her facts are not only accurate but kid friendly. You have focused on one of my favorite books of hers. . .but I do love INTO THE SEA and MOON BEAR and LIFE AND THE BOREAL FOREST and. . .(you get my drift)

  2. Adorable! I'm going to make these at storytime with the kids! Thanks for the great idea!